FAQs for parents

We know what kids are like, they probably haven’t told you much about their upcoming adventure. Our professional instructor team will be guiding your child throughout the activity. We’ll be helping them to understand their environment and how to experience it sustainably. We’ll support them if they’re facing any fears and help grow their confidence. We’ll help them assess risks and learn new skills, creating lasting memories and experiences.

Do I have to provide a parental consent form?

Yes, we need one for each child who participates. You can download it here. Please return it to your school/group leader as soon as possible as we need it a few days before the event.

What kit do I pack for my child?

Here is a kit list for the activities we do. If you wish to find out specifically which activities your child will be participating in, please contact your school/group leader.

Kayaking & Stand Up Paddleboarding
• YOU bring: Swimwear, Towel
• CBK provide: Kayak/board, paddle, wetsuit, buoyancy aid

• YOU bring: Swimwear, Towel, Old shorts (to wear on top of wetsuit), Old closed-toe trainers with a solid sole (wetsuit boots aqua shoes/crocs are not allowed) 
• CBK provide: Wetsuit, buoyancy aid, helmet

Lifeguard Trials, Body Boarding & Surfing
• YOU bring: Swimwear, Towel 
• CBK provide: Wetsuit

Coastal Cycling
• YOU bring: Gloves 
• CBK provide: Bike and helmet

Rockpool Safari
• YOU bring: Wellies, spare dry socks and shoes 
• CBK provide: Shore guide book and sampling equipment

Other kit
Dry, warm layers for afterwards, a waterproof top coat, snack bars, water and a hair bobble will always come in useful too.

How do I get in touch?

You can reach our schools and education manager, Sarah, on 0191 251 9412. Or e-mail Sarah on groups@cullercoatsbikekayak.co.uk

About us

Cullercoats Bike & Kayak is a multi-award winning adventure company. We also work with families and individuals, corporate businesses, team build and have a cool little shop and café near Cullercoats Bay. We’d love to see you some time, so pop down and say hello. Find your next adventure at cullercoatsbikekayak.co.uk

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