Summer Holidays 2016

Isn't it amazing how quickly the summer holidays sneak up every year! We've been busy planning all year for the 2016 holidays and are pleased to be offering road trips to new paddling spots in Northumberland, day camps for kids, Splashdown Summer Schools with the Dove Marine Laboratory and more. So you simply must delve in! Without further ado, here is the programme...

Coasteering hits Cullercoats

Cullercoats is famous for its caves, piers and rocky shores. Plus we have the wreck, lagoon and Crab Island just around the point at Brown’s Bay. This adds up to ideal terrain for a spot of Coasteering!

Get on the sea, feel great...

This article from The Inertia shows why we all need to be spending more time on and around the sea. Those lovely charged ions are pumping us to the brim with happy hormones, keeping our blood flowing rich with oxygen and more.



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