Coasteering and Extreme Rockpooling are rip-roaring coastal adventure for thrill seekers, adventurers and people looking for a great day out on the coast. Great for kids, adults, families and groups, explore caves, coves, chutes, rocky reefs and experience the surge and swell of the North Sea as you traverse the rocky shore. Our experienced guides know every nook, creek, pool and jump along the local coast. We tailor our routes for different types of groups and experience levels.

Because we're on the edge of Newcastle upon Tyne, we're the only place in the UK where you can hop right off the Metro and into the sea - lickety split! Adventure awaits, just 20 minutes from the city centre.


Choose your adventure! We have sessions for adults only, families or just for kids.

Explore Table Rocks, Brown's Bay, Crab Island and more, on the rocks and in the water! No boats, no boards, just adventure.
Head south of the river with us for a little more adrenaline! In partnership with the National Trust's Souter Lighthouse & The Leas.
Explore the wild side of the sea shore! Mini kids only coasteering adventures for 7-14 year olds. Available at both Cullercoats and Souter Lighthouse.
Our private family-friendly Coasteering session is ideal for large families that want to get outdoors and explore the coast together.


Phone: +44 (0)191 251 9412


Address: 1A Norma Crescent, Cullercoats, NE26 2PD

Winter Hours: Wed-Sat, 9.30am-3pm. Closed Sun, Mon & Tue. Read more...

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