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Young person kayaking

Our range of activities take advantage of our location, just 80m from Cullercoats Bay. If you've never been here before, it's a stunning little half-moon cove providing a great place to master many of our activities. Surf awaits just around the point on our neighbouring beach, Longsands.


Our classic activity. Learn to kayak on the sea in our sheltered cove at Cullercoats. Please note: Kayaking is recognised by Awarding Organisations as an activity with a competitive or formal condition in which students can be assessed.

Stand Up Paddleboarding

The latest craze and incredibly popular, this needs balance and determination.


Get up close and personal with rock pools, kelp beds and challenge yourself to jump right in.

Lifeguard Trials

Learn how to stay safe around the sea with a mix of action-packed adrenaline-filled activities and valuable life skills.

Body Boarding

Learn how to tackle the waves, from paddling out to catching your first break!


Join our friends at Tynemouth Surf Co. and learn to surf on the iconic Longsands beach.

Coastal Cycling

See the best of our coast on two wheels. Our leaders know all the best routes.

Rockpool Safari

Delve into rockpools and let our expert guides introduce you to the wildlife that lives within.

All activities integrate the following core themes within them.
Health & Wellbeing: develop strength, agility, balance, awareness of water safety and promote a healthy and active lifestyle.
Learning Outcomes: improve problem solving, cooperation, trust and support, communication, decision making and confidence building.

Tide & Weather

Please note that many of our activities are sea based, they are therefore tide and weather dependant. Sea conditions will affect which water sports are available on certain days and at certain times. We recommend having some flexibility in your planning to account for this.

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