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Our Primary School activities are designed with young children in mind. The emphasis for us with this age group is building water confidence, introducing important water safety messages and familiarising them with new outdoor and adventure sports. From kayaking to rockpool safaris, we offer a range of aquatic and land-based activities here at the coast.

The following links provide details of the full range of activities we offer, venues and some useful FAQs.

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Curriculum Links

All of our activities will support the delivery of both the KS1 and KS2 curriculum in physical education. Specific examples include:
• KS1: Develop balance, agility and coordination. Participate in team games.
• KS2: Take part in an outdoor and adventurous activity that challenges both individually and within a team. Develop flexibility, technique, control and balance.
• Swimming and water safety: Perform safe self-rescues in different water-based situations.

Our instructors can also tailor your programme of activities to look at other subject elements too. Examples include:
• Science: Identify and classify marine wildlife and their habitats. Explore the world around you and raising your own questions.
• Geography: Identify seasonal and daily weather and tidal patterns. Use landmarks and maps to plan a journey. Identify key physical and human features including: beaches, cliffs, piers and harbours.
• PSHE: Healthy lifestyles. Personal safety and wellbeing.

Example Itineraries

To help make planning your day a little easier, we have produced some sample itineraties for what a half day, full day and two night residential might look like. However these are infintely adaptable depending on your exact requirements. Download the sample itineraries here.

NEW for 2019: 4 week paddlesport development programme

We're launching our 4 week programme for schools and youth groups that would like to expand upon the content of our day sessions. Suitable for children aged 10+, there is a greater emphasis on learning outcomes such as water safety, risk awareness, understanding dyanmic environments and weather, plus lots of paddling content too. Pupils successfully completing these programmes can expect to acheive their British Canoeing PaddlePower Passport certification. Click to view and download an example programme.


Debbie Davison, Cullercoats Primary School Beach Club
We run a beach school club for our Year 2 pupils (age 6-7) and over the last couple of years we have incorporated a watersports session with CBK. The children have absolutely loved it! As well as kayaking, they have enjoyed games on the giant paddle board. It has been great to see how their water confidence has increased in such a short amount of time. A fantastic experience with brilliant staff. Thank you.

Lily – Cullercoats Primary School
I loved the kayaking but I fell off and it was amaze balls. I just want to say IT WAS THE BEST DAY EVERRRRRR! So I would honestly love to do it again!

  • Half Day £21 per pupil (include up to 2 of our activities)
  • Full Day £36 per pupil (include up to 3 of our activities)
  • 4 week development programme £75 per pupil (includes 4x half day sessions and certification fees)

Note: for weekend bookings we do charge an additional £3 per person premium on half day bookings and £6 per person premium on full days and 4-week blocks. Full day and 4-week block bookings are unavailable on peak weekends (May-August). 

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The best way to find out more is to contact our dedicated Education and Groups Manager, Sarah Atkinson. Sarah can discuss your requirements and assist with the booking process from initial enquiry through to your visit. 

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