Get on the sea, feel great...

This article from The Inertia shows why we all need to be spending more time on and around the sea. Those lovely charged ions are pumping us to the brim with happy hormones, keeping our blood flowing rich with oxygen and more.

What do you do in winter?

You might think we put our feet up in winter at CBK. We only open Thurs-Sun and close at 4pm, it’s alright for some eh! We do chill down a bit, this is when the staff fit in their holidays, usually somewhere hot and sunny. But its also the time of year for staff training, planning, developing new activities and fixing all the stuff we broke in the summer season. So what’s going on in Winter 2015/16?

Who is the Waterman?

Who is the Waterman? He or she is governed by the tides, the wind and the swell. The Waterman will drop everything for that perfect day on the water. The Waterman will go anywhere to find the best sea, the best surf, the best beach.

The Waterman lives to be by the sea. The city makes the Waterman feel tired, stressed and disorientated. The Waterman needs the salt on their skin almost as much as the air in their lungs.



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