Get on the sea, feel great...

This article from The Inertia shows why we all need to be spending more time on and around the sea. Those lovely charged ions are pumping us to the brim with happy hormones, keeping our blood flowing rich with oxygen and more.

"We all surf for different reasons – for health and fitness, adventure, experience, or just to be out in the ocean. Whatever our motivation, every surfer knows the feeling of surf stoke. But while we’re all familiar with the inherent physical, physiological and sub-conscious benefits of our sport, recently published research shows that people feeling “surf stoked” are, in fact, enjoying a chemical cocktail triggered by the charged ions found in the atmosphere around turbulent water.

While surfing, we experience elevated levels of Adrenalin and Dopamine. Adrenaline raises your heart rate and increases your reaction time (the fight or flight reflex), while Dopamine is a chemical neurotransmitter triggered in your body when you are doing something you like. “Adrenaline junkies” – such as big wave surfers – get used to higher levels of these chemicals, as demonstrated by Keanu Reeves in Point Break (see video). While this adrenalin rush may give us an edge in the water the effects subside quickly once ashore, while surf-stoke remains long after we’re back on the beach. Research suggests these persistent effects of surf euphoria may be attributed to an unlikely candidate: sea spray." Read the full article at The Inertia…


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