What do you do in winter?

You might think we put our feet up in winter at CBK. We only open Thurs-Sun and close at 4pm, it’s alright for some eh! We do chill down a bit, this is when the staff fit in their holidays, usually somewhere hot and sunny. But its also the time of year for staff training, planning, developing new activities and fixing all the stuff we broke in the summer season. So what’s going on in Winter 2015/16?

Here’s the highlights…

Community Bike Hub: We’re talking to Sustrans and NTC to develop a local bike hub. Dr Bike sessions, volunteer led rides and more will hopefully be coming to the coast in 2016.

Coasteering: We’re doing the reccies and risk assessments for this new activity for 2016. Part of running this properly involves visiting our courses at all phases of the tides, so that’s what were doing. To say it’s a chilly task is an understatement!

Kayaking: Simon, Sarah, Curtis and Michael are all undergoing British Canoeing certified coaching and safety training to improve our kayak tours and increase the range of what we can offer.

SUP: Nick and Simon are working on new SUP activities after the 2015 SUP trial. We are also sourcing new single boards to support the big FlyXL six-man board that Nick brought to the party last year. Nick is also looking for an apprentice SUP coach to start training up.

The Snug: We’re busy seeking a concessionaire to run the café in 2016. We’re so busy downstairs that we need to give the café to someone who can focus their time and energy into developing the food and drink offering a bit more.

Facilities Improvements: We’re adding hot showers, improved outdoor seating and better bike parking (proper Sheffield Loops) for 2016.

So lots on the cards, and plenty to keep us busy in the quiet months. Remember we may be a small place, but we always have BIG plans! If you have ideas for things you think we should be doing, now is the time to tell us and we can maybe make it happen in 2016. Let us know by using the contact form below.



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