Who is the Waterman?

Who is the Waterman? He or she is governed by the tides, the wind and the swell. The Waterman will drop everything for that perfect day on the water. The Waterman will go anywhere to find the best sea, the best surf, the best beach.

The Waterman lives to be by the sea. The city makes the Waterman feel tired, stressed and disorientated. The Waterman needs the salt on their skin almost as much as the air in their lungs.

The Waterman has no diary. The Waterman makes plans, but they're fluid and change by the minute. The Waterman is governed not by the clock, but by the ebb and flow, the rise and fall, the spring and neap. When the sea allows, they go and do what they do, because everything else will just have to wait.

Can you learn from the Waterman? Take a leaf out of his or her book? Is there really anything standing in your way? Try it. Next time you see that perfect day, the sea that beckons you in, drop everything, make your excuses and get out there.

Be the Waterman. Just go. Just do.


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