The Art of Play

It’s the end of a busy weekend and the summer holidays here at CBK. We love what we do here, because all day long we get to see happy faces, relaxed people enjoying a day off, folks spending time with their nearest and dearest. It’s quite a privilege to be honest, to see all that smiling and laughter!  But it’s not rocket science, we certainly have no magic formula. In fact at the heart of our business is one simple word. Play.

We’re all about play, it’s a beautiful thing. Everyone knows what it is to play. Think back to being a kid, you never had to actively make time to play, because it was the default thing you did. School got in the way of play. Family occasions got in the way of play. Brushing your teeth got in the way of play. Play is about freedom of spirit, creativity, exploration, discovery and most importantly, joy. Splashing in puddles in your wellies, spinning round in a circle until you're dizzy or dancing around in your underpants… it’s all great for the soul. George Bernard Shaw said it best: "We don't stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing."

In adulthood we confuse play with competition or self-improvement, but you cannot measure it. You can’t be better at it than others. It’s freedom of mind and spirit that makes play fun. As soon as you start to measure or compare yourself to others, the ethos of play is lost. So ditch that Garmin, switch off that smartphone, forget about Strava, because to play is to be lost in the joy of doing for the sake of doing. There is no pressure to improve at all when you’re at play.

So that’s what we do. CBK is Play. Play is CBK. Join us and discover the art of cycling, the thrill of kayaking, the joy of stand up paddle boarding. No pressure, no strings, just because you can.


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